“ A.I.VOICE Kotonoha Akane & Aoi English ” is a personal use TTS software with the voices of the Kotonoha sisters in English. Fluent English voices of the Kotonoha sisters made possible by applying the technology from Techno-Speech.
The voice library consists of the older sister 「Akane」who is outgoing and cheerful and 「Aoi」the younger sister who is calm and reliable.
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Kotonoha Akane

Kotonoha Aoi

A.I.VOICE Kotonoha Akane&Aoi English Functions

Main functions
Other Functions
Speech and Saving voice data

Voices from the character can be played and saved as a voice data, simply by entering text you wish for it to speak.

Edit・Save in Word Dictionary

Misreadings and unnatural pronounciations can be corrected and saved

Volume adjustment

Volume adjustment is possible

Speed adjustment

Speed of speech can be adjusted

Pitch adjustment

The pitch of voice can be adjusted. The style of voice can be changed by adjusting the pitch.

Saving of project files

Content in making can be saved to project files. This makes possible resuming the content creation and also allows more than one person to work on the project.

Voice preset

The volume, speed and pitch can be registered and saved. It is possible to save the setting which is frequently used and to save different settings for the same character.


It is possible to create a dialog style simply by dragging and dropping the icon to change the parts each character speaks

Check the voice file time length

Able to check in advance the time length of voice file

Split voice file saving

Voice files can be made efficiently as it is possible to split and save the text.


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A.I.VOICE Official Shop
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Scheduled release date 12/10/2021 at TokyoOtakuMode website

Character Material

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Kotonoha Akane

Kotonoha Aoi

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